Different Types of Men’s Shoes

There are several different types of mens shoes NZ. Chukkas, Loafers, and Derbies are examples of less formal styles. In contrast, Oxfords and Chelsea boots are formal. Moccasins, Derbys, and Loafers are more casual options. Learn more about these styles. These men’s shoes are great for running errands or taking long flights. But when buying men’s shoes, be sure to choose the appropriate style for your lifestyle.

mens shoes NZDerbies are less formal than Oxfords.

Although they share some common characteristics with Oxfords, derby shoes are not as formal as their cousins. In addition, their lacing system differs from that of an Oxford. The laces on a Derby are made to be more flexible and secure. However, the lacing system is a key distinction between the two styles. A well-fitted pair of derbies can also be more comfortable than an Oxford.


Both Derbys and Oxfords are good for work and leisure, but they are not as formal as their Oxford cousins. Toe caps can be distracting, but the overall look can work well with any suit. Oxfords can also be worn with jeans, though the latter style is less formal. In either case, jeans and a shirt are appropriate choices. Derbies are less formal than Oxfords, but they still look classy.

Moccasins are more casual than Chelsea boots.

If you want to dress more casually, try a pair of moccasins. Unlike Chelsea boots, which require socks, moccasins can be worn with various outfits. Classic styles will go with almost anything, from chinos and a light polo shirt to a leather belt and a blazer. Soft leathers will keep your feet comfortable even on warmer days.

Chukkas are less formal than Oxfords.

Chukka boots are a versatile option for many different styles of outfits. Their lace-up design features two or three pairs of eyelets. They’re typically made of leather or suede and have a durable rubber sole. The style originated from the desert boots worn by British soldiers during World War II. While they’re not quite as formal as Oxford’s, they are still suitable for casual occasions. For example, a chukka can be worn with jeans or chinos and a jacket.

Oxfords are closed-laced shoes, referred to as capture or Balmoral. The cap toe style is often called a Balmoral, after the castle in Scotland where it originated. Historically, Oxford shoes were associated with older men and university students, but their evolution over time isn’t exactly clear. While they’re still considered more formal than other men’s shoes, they’re less formal than other styles.

Loafers are more formal than Derbies.

Although there is a wide variety of derbies available, two main differences distinguish them. First, derbies have open laces visible at the front of the shoe, and Loafers are more formal than Derbies. Second, loafers are much wider than Derbys, but both styles can be worn with suits and chinos. Loafers are also sometimes referred to as bluchers in the US.

Loafers are a great choice for casual outings.

Whether you’re going out to lunch with friends or heading out to a concert, a pair of loafers is a perfect choice. The style comes in various shapes and sizes and can be worn with jeans, shorts, or a t-shirt. Oxford shoes are not loafers; they’re more of a dress than a casual shoe. The majority of loafers are plain with a lattice pattern on the upper. Punched loafers are great for hotter days but not so good for rainy conditions.

When wearing a loafer with a smart casual look, it is best to avoid a too-formal design. Instead, opt for a more versatile material, like suede or lightweight textured loafers. Colourful loafers are also suitable for summer. Loafers can also be used as part of a smart-casual look. Loafers can make any outfit look more refined, but they should not overpower a smart casual look.

Oxfords are the most formal type of shoe.

There are several different types of mens shoes NZ Oxfords, including the whole-cut, wing-tip, and quarter-cut. A whole-cut Oxford is the most versatile type and is made of one piece of leather with a single seam in the heel. This type of Oxford is generally commonplace but is still suitable for more formal occasions. On the other hand, Wing-tip Oxfords are made of multiple leather pieces and have decorative perforations along their visible edges.